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Dictionaries for TR Assistant (Translator's Assistant)
TR Assistant 2.0 or higher is required to work with these dictionaries. Please download the latest version here.

This site contains dictionaries and links to other resources containing dictionaries for TR Assistant. To work with these dictionaries you will need TR Assistant (Translator's Assistant) dictionary lookup program. You may download it here.

Dictionary installation:
1. Download and install TR Assistant
2. Download dictionaries from this page
3. Extract dictionary (.TRD) file from ZIP archive to the folder Dictionaries, located in TR Assistant folder
4. Launch TR Assistant (TR_Assistant.exe), select "Tools -> Dictionary manager" and tick off the new dictionaries
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Spanish-Russian and Russian-Spanish dictionaries

Испанско-русский словарь MbDownload
Русско-испанский словарь,5 MbDownload
Испанско-русский общелексический словарь 15 MbDownload
Русско-испанский общелексический словарьRussian-Spanish_Universal.zip15 MbDownload
Русско-испанский автотранспортный словарьRussian-Spanish_Auto.zip3 MbDownload
Испанско-русский экономический словарьSpanish-Russian_Economia.zip2,8 MbDownload
Испанско-русский юридический словарьSpanish-Russian_Juridico.zip2,9 MbDownload
Испанско-русский юридический словарь 2Spanish-Russian_Juridico2.zip3,5 MbDownload
Испанско-русский словарь современного употребленияSpanish-Russian_Moderno.zip8,4 MbDownload
Испанско-русский политехнический словарьSpanish-Russian_Politecnico.zip5 MbDownload
Испанско-русский словарь географических названийSpanish-Russian_Nombres_Geograficos.zip0,1 MbDownload
Испанско-русский словарь личных именSpanish-Russian_Nombres_Personales.zip0,1 MbDownload
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